Staying One Step Ahead With Your Security

Information security is probably the biggest challenge facing any organisation today, particularly now that the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is in full force with crippling penalties for companies not taking appropriate steps to mitigate their risks. How you choose to manage your data is the most obvious starting point but pre-planning years ahead is also now vital. Next generation encryption is about to land and with it a whole host of cyber criminals and state sponsored shadow organisations will be constantly looking for cracks to exploit. This is true whether you choose to hold your data on your premises or in The Cloud.

The following areas are heavily affected by data security requirements:

Compliance – GDPR and PCI rules are rigid and designed for you to take the maximum responsibility for the data you handle. As such the fines for non-compliance are huge and designed to hurt any organisation not taking this issue seriously enough.

Business Risk – A bad piece of press can have far reaching effects on your organisation and its reputation. Suppliers can evaporate overnight and customers leave in their thousands.

Litigation Risk – A data breach will land you in hot water with a compliance body but can equally through you headlong into a legal battle with a customer or supplier that could just as easily become high profile. Fighting litigation from a weakened starting point would represent a strategic failure of your organisation and, in some cases, the fall out could be catastrophic, affecting both jobs and shareholders.

Defence Indepth

Make no mistake, today’s cybercrime and fast data environment requires an almost military level of pre-planning. The reality is that, if you can think of it, it could well happen. A denial of service attack can not just represent a simple data breach but also prevent your organisation from becoming operational again within vital timescales. The ability to have real-time information on the levels of security and visibility across the network is a must-have feature of your twenty four hour security.

The most secure and insightful partners

We work with a number of industry leading vendors to provide IT security solutions to help organisations reduce their risk and ensure compliance is maintained. This includes technologies such as:

  • Cloud Security and visibility for platforms such as Office 365, Azure and AWS
  • Next Generation Firewall solutions (NGFW) both on premise and in the cloud
  • Email content filtering and AV
  • Endpoint Anti-malware and AV solutions
  • Cloud and on-premise Web filtering and anti-malware solutions
  • Network Access Control and Visibility, including advanced enforcement capabilities to isolated infected endpoints
  • Network Telemetry and Visibility
  • Security Event and Incident Management (SEIM) solutions

Every customer is different so let us identify your weaknesses and protect against a catastrophic security breach.

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For further information to IT security take a look at this practical guide from the Information Commissioners Office.




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