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We’ve worked hard to make sure we are the sensible choice for any company wanting to outsource to an IT Managed Service provider such as ourselves. Thirty years of hard work to be exact which is why our partner relationships speak for themselves and our client list is full of organisations that understand the truly critical nature of those services. Depending where you are in your technology lifecycles we can help you plan with strategic advice, planning and a watertight project management service.

We work with you to eliminate IT risks through tailored proactive support ranging from 3rd line consultative support to a comprehensive ‘datacentre to desktop’ managed service.

Real-time monitoring for reduced hardware risk

Because no two clients are the same we also provide SICL View, a bespoke IT support service conducting real-time monitoring of your IT infrastructure, guarding against device failure and alerting you to any performance changes.

If an issue does occur, incident management is efficient, smooth and seamless. Our Service Desk instantly assigns the best engineer for your set of circumstances.  However, whilst we are proud of the reaction speed of our service, we passionately believe that a proactive approach has always been the best way forward. Why wait for something to fail when we could constantly monitor performances and spot the tell-tale signs of an impending failure, early. When we give you the foresight to plan ahead for hardware replacement, we can ensure more uptime and less disruptive downtime.


Organisations are challenged to manage IT environments that increase in size and complexity as the dynamic nature of IT demands more from existing resources. Data and storage needs, security threats and business requirements are ever-changing. However, the need to closely manage timeframes, budgets and functionality remains.

Combining technical expertise, deep industry knowledge and a consultative approach at every stage, we offer a comprehensive IT consultancy service. From planning through to deployment and throughout the IT lifecycle, consultationing with us translates technology into increased efficiencies, savings and the attainment of business goals.

Packet by Packet

Here's what Chester Zoo have to say about our Managed Services

“SICL fixed a problem with the website which was critical to our operations. With support from SICL, visitors were able to pay online and the Zoo was able to realise £15,000 revenue from online ticket sales. I cannot say how impressed I am with SICL’s attention to detail, professionalism, level of expertise and willingness to help.”

Martin King, IT Manager – Chester Zoo

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