Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

Response time is critical

Protecting your business operations from catastrophic disruption is essential both at the data level and also in terms of hardware. Reducing the time impact from the moment you know “things have turned bad” is the critical factor in ensuring a continuation of business services. It is fairly standard for companies to perform regular data back-ups but you’d be surprised how many have not planned ahead in terms of the facilities available in your chosen disaster centre(s). Desks need kit that is operational as soon as your employees begin arriving ready to take up the reins again.

Planning for Total Data Loss

The common scenario is a loss of data, reverted to last night’s back up point. However, total data loss (or at least immediate access to that data) is very much a real-world scenario now with state sponsored attacks hitting the news headlines almost weekly. “Denial of service” is now a phrase that the public know, that’s how common it is. Have you considered the possibility of an entire city going down? At SICL we help you plan for everyday disruptive situations as well as major events. Our Business Continuity service ensure we work closely with you to strategically plan a solution for your employees to drive your business even if nothing is operational, whether that be sales, customer servicing or accounts.

Research from Gartner shows some uncomfortable figures for companies that have not planned ahead sufficiently with a major data loss event putting 43% of them of business immediately and a further 51% closing permanently within two years. You have to run the scenarios as fully as possible and we are experts at “thinking the unthinkable”.

How we helped Gordons LLP

“Thanks to SICL we have avoided what could have been a major disaster. We were able to recover and access our critical systems from our Bradford office, direct from the SICL cloud, fully tested and operational within the SLA.”

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Do you know your downtime cost

Visit our partner Zerto and use their online calculator to determine the potential cost of downtime to your business.

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