Gordons averts disaster

Hundreds of businesses have been affected by the recent floods in Yorkshire. Gordon’s solicitors was one of them. Located close to the River Aire, on Sunday 27th December the basement of its Leeds branch was severely flooded, followed by a power cut which resulted in loss of all critical IT systems. Without power, Gordon’s could not use its IT function, critical to the ongoing and day to day operation of the business.

Fortunately, Gordons had already put in place a full disaster recovery and business continuity solution provided by SICL, a Leeds based managed services provider. SICL’s team worked with Gordon’s over the Christmas period to restore systems from within SICL’s cloud environment. This took a matter of hours rather than the days of disruption experienced by neighbouring businesses and Gordon’s were able to return to work as normal.

Stephen Hunter, head of IT at Gordons explains:

“Thanks to SICL we have avoided what could have been a major disaster. We were able to recover and access our critical systems from our Bradford office, direct from the SICL cloud, fully tested and operational within the SLA.

Without the SICL DR solution we have in place, it could have taken much longer to recover our business critical systems. But like any business, data is our lifeblood. If we lost access to our critical systems and information we would find it more difficult to service our clients nor bill them for our services.”

In addition to backing up data, SICL provides a cloud-based environment from separate geographical locations to provide Business Continuity. By creating ready to go replicas of all key systems that can be recovered in a few hours, businesses are able to continue operating in the event of a disaster.

Stephen adds “Consuming disaster recovery as a service from SICL provides us with a robust yet flexible solution tailored to our requirements. As it is delivered through the cloud it can easily be scaled up or down to suit our business needs, but most importantly, knowing that our critical systems are instantly available, it gives us peace of mind.

The close partnership we have with SICL is highly valuable to us. Not only do we have a comprehensive Tried and Tested DRaaS solution but the continued technical expertise we receive provides us with true business continuity”.

With the critical importance of technology for everyday business functions, it is crucial that organisations have a complete Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity solution in place to deal with the threat disaster – which for some, has unfortunately become a reality.