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  • Analysing networks


Everything is Connected’ – that is our definition of a Network.  To go one step further, if everything is connected, then everything is reliant on the network.

The network is the backbone of any infrastructure; the cabling, the routing, the switching – the ability for everything to be connected.  Whether the local network or the wider network, without a well designed, well maintained network on which everything else depends, there is unnecessary risk in the business.

It is easy and understandable to become too focused on new applications which promise to deliver business changing results.  However, without the foundation of a healthy and, as importantly, a suitable network to carry the data produced by the application, there is disappointment and failure in the offing.

Networks are at the core of SICL.  We understand every aspect of networks, the benefits and the risks.  We offer design services for new and old networks.  We offer network performance analysis.  We offer suitability analysis for new applications.  We truly believe that a healthy network is the heart beat of a healthy infrastructure.  Secure.  Resilient.  Scalable.  Fast.  Predictable.

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