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More and more businesses are adopting mobile technology, responding to a growing expectation from their colleagues for flexible and remote working away from the office.  Mobility is not just confined to remote working, the need for mobility could be strongest within your work premises with the need for colleagues to be able to ‘roam’ within the business but stay connected.  It could be that your colleagues are bringing their own devices into the work place and connecting to the business with or without your knowledge.

From a business perspective, there are many benefits to mobility.  However, there are some challenges to overcome as many areas of the business are affected; not least HR, policy, security, support, applications and access.

We are mindful that mobility could potentially erode both control and security within the business.  Our approach to a mobile solution helps you to define your strategy for mobility in your overall working practices.  We help identify appropriate access rights, we look at feasibility and accessibility.  We design an architecture specific to the business to both capitalise successfully on mobile technology and user behaviour but provide control and security for the business.

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