SICL is an award-winning technology company specialising in IT service and solutions; on-premise, in the cloud and hybrid.


What is cloud computing? When is it appropriate to use cloud technologies? What type of cloud would work for my business?

If you are unsure if a cloud solution would be beneficial to your business, SICL will work with you to identify need and positive change through a process of analysis that puts your business requirements first.

Our own experience with Cloud shows us that business needs vary to such an extent that having an open minded approach leads to the best solutions.  We will not try to pigeon hole a business into any particular make up of Cloud – hence, we have customers with business solutions made up of on-premise, public cloud providers like Office365 and our own SICL Cloud platform.  Our approach to product choice, design and delivery sets us apart from other providers.

Support is at the heart of our business and our Cloud solutions are fully supported end to end, from Data Centre to Desktop.  This too, sets us apart from other providers.

If you are thinking whether a Cloud solution would benefit your business, talk to SICL

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