SICL is an award-winning technology company specialising in IT service and solutions; on-premise, in the cloud and hybrid.
  • Analysing networks

Solutions from SICL


What is cloud computing? When is it appropriate to use cloud technologies? What type of cloud would work for my business?

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The ability to connect from anywhere, to anything at any time, allowing colleagues, customers and partners to work together simultaneously on shared tasks.

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Continuity isn’t just simply managing and protecting critical data against loss, damage or deterioration. It’s also about ensuring that whatever happens, your business can continue running smoothly and free from disruption in the event of a disaster.

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Documents signed faster, how could this benefit your business?

Use DocuSign to sign documents digitally, from anywhere on any device. By creating a fully digital workflow (the recipients don’t need to have DocuSign), your business can save money, increase efficiency, and move documents forward more quickly – reducing the time to receive approvals and agreements from days, to hours.

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A network consists of two or more computers linked together to share information. An effective network is the foundation of all your IT processes, applications and communications.

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