SICL is an award-winning technology company specialising in IT service and solutions; on-premise, in the cloud and hybrid.


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Deploying and managing new IT solutions can be a complex and critical process which can dictate success of a project as a whole. SICL removes the pressure from deployment by delivering solutions managed by experienced, PRINCE2 qualified, Project Managers and qualified and experienced Engineers. SICL provides an efficient deployment service on-time and within budget, reducing the burden on IT teams.

The implementation of new technology into IT infrastructure influences the manageability, performance and cost of the overall IT environment and therefore could potentially impact upon business operations. SICL endeavours to safeguard critical business processes and minimise the effect on the customer through effective planning and communication.

Even successful deployments can become a wasted resource if it fails to support the organisation’s strategy. SICL ensures solutions are implemented according to the strategic aims established during consultation, whilst providing compatible and scalable technology suitable for future requirements.

“Since the virtualisation project we have seen a 50% reduction in power usage in the comms room. This project also played a larger role in providing the business with an IT platform that would allow it to expand, as well as providing increased resilience for business continuity planning”

Graham Sweeney, Operations Director – Schofield Sweeney

New deployments generally require operations training and procedures to ensure the new IT environment can be managed and supported easily. Prior to deployment, SICL will assess current skill sets and makes provision for training and knowledge-share during deployment.

Working with SICL guarantees a structured project deployed and managed to the highest standards. SICL works closely with the customer throughout, ensuring strategic aims are met and delivered completely as expected.

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