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You Are In My Vision

SICL introduces Easymeeting: an immersive, cost-effective, High Definition cloud-based video-conferencing service on subscription.

Easymeeting allows up to 30 people on various devices to connect to a single HD Video Conference. The need for physical on-premise VC rooms is optional as people can connect to meetings through PC’s, laptops and Macbooks, plus mobile and tablet devices (Apple iOS and Android).

There's more flexibility with Easymeeting than ever before and there’s no restrictions to location either. Unforeseen events such as bad weather are no longer a hindrance as people can meet, conference and present from their preferred device and location including over 3G.

A flexible subscription model allows meetings to be attended by anyone without pre-authorising identities – simply download the app from the App Store or Google Play and join the meeting.  There’s no time-limits and the contract subscription facilitates a number of seats which can be shared by staff, suppliers and customers alike.

To learn more about Easymeeting and get a free trial contact SICL on 0113 238 9900.