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  • Civil War

Civil War

SICL staff returned to Warwickshire for an action-packed day at Warfighters, which took place at the end of July.

With the world’s most advanced and realistic games system, which was featured on the Gadget Show, plus over £100K of armoured tanks, missile launchers and helicopters, Warfighters was a day of explosive fun.

Each player was fitted out with a sensor / speaker system that controlled the hits and players were unable to cheat as the guns powered off when players were killed in action. 
The SICL personnel were put into Fire Teams, with a Sniper unit picking off the enemy at a distance. 
Games were mission based and took part on a disused railway embankment called 'the circuit', which has different zones including open land and woods. The laser guns are customised and modified to resemble real assault rifles.

Fun was had by all and no one died.